2018 Conference Presentations

a2 1_NEADCPReadySet.pdf
A2 Ready-Set-Go_FDC-Action Guide.pdf
a3 Trauma-NEADCP-Pt1_Callahan.pdf
b10 Treating pain and co-occurring opioid dependence 11-18.pdf
b11 Trauma-NEADCP-Pt2_Callahan.pdf
b2 2_NEADCP_FDC_Standard_Part_1.pdf
B2 FamMatters_3N_Handout.pdf
c10 Mistakes We Make in Drug Treatment and How to Fix Them 11-18.pdf
c5 Anxiety_Grief dealing with.pdf
c5 Grief, & Sec  trauma NEADCP 11_128.pdf
c5 NEADCP training eval effects of work on us.pdf
c6 3_NEADCP_Standards Part II.pdf
D1 E4 Incentives and sanctions matrix updated October 2018.pdf
D5 5_NEADCP_RethinkingRecov.pdf
D5 RethinkFamRec_QualityTreatment.pdf
D5 RethinkFamRec_StaffingSessionGuide.pdf
d9 Evolving MHC Standards in the US_Callahan.pdf
Drug Court MAT Presentation--11.18.pptx
e3 Everything you alsways wanted to know long 11-18.pdf
e5 Conference - Drug Court.pdf
e5 Gov Attachments 2016 copy.pdf
e8 MHC_Research_Callahan.pdf
Establishing Pos. selfcare letterhead.pdf
MCDC Application.pdf
e5 Oxford House and Drug Courts - edited 2.pdf
pl 2 4_NEADCPTransFamCentered.pdf
pl 3 MATRI Program Overview for Drug Court 11 26 18.pdf
pl 4 Complex Interactions PTSD, Pain, & SUDs 11-18.pdf

pl2-3 NEADCP 2018 Panel Intro.pdf
Recovery Alliance Drug Court Peer  Collegiate Programs.pdf
e5 Saving Money-Saving Lives 1-18 V2.pdf
e5 selfcare checklist..pdf

Staff Self Care Plan letterhead.pdf