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NEADCP name is changing to NEARCP

In celebration of twenty-five years of New England Drug Courts as well as twenty years of our organization the President and Board of Directors are pleased to announce we are now The New England Association of Recovery Court Professionals (NEARCP). This new name better reflects our comprehensive approach for high risk participants in an era of expanding treatment courts including, but not limited to, Veteran, Family, Juvenile, Re-Entry, Mental Health, DUI, Federal and Tribal courts.

NEARCP’s enhanced mission is not only treatment but also “recovery” in all of its varied definitions. "Recovery” does not refer only to substance use disorders; it also means "Recovery” from a lifestyle conflicted by other conditions such as PTSD. Our organization will, despite its name change, continue to focus on the best practices of the treatment court model.

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Board Member Tina Nadeau speech at TEDxPiscataquaRiver on May 6, 2016. Important, and well done.


The Hon. Tina Nadeau Chief justice of NH’s Superior Courts Talks about Drug Courts